Complete List of DIRECTV NOW Beta Tester Updates for Your Device

One of the most exciting features of being a part of the cord-cutting community is that you get an opportunity to try out new services for streaming companies. Before communications networks roll out their newer services to the masses, they use everyday people as guinea pigs. That is known as beta testing.

Right now, DIRECTV NOW has beta apps with many popular devices.If you are living in an area that offers the service you get to try out new DIRECTV NOW initiatives, including for some, DVR.

Recently, many DIRECTV NOW beta tester apps received an update. If you did not receive the e-mail, this is what DIRECTV NOW sent. It covers many devices, so keep a look out for yours:

Hello Testers,

Happy Friday! We have updated the DIRECTV NOW beta app for tvOS, Fire TV, iOS, Android and Chrome with several new features for you to test:

tvOS: New video player that makes it easier to access show information, to record live content and to fast forward and rewind through a scrubber bar for on demand programs.

Fire TV: Improved video startup times and end-card functionality for restart content.

iOS: Chromecast device support.

Android: Improved video startup times, Chromecast device support and end-card functionality for restart content.

Web (Chrome): Chromecast device support and end-card functionality for cDVR.

As always, we welcome your feedback! On your mobile device or PC/MAC please select “Provide Feedback” found under the cog (  ) icon. For Apple TV or FireTV, you can provide feedback via the feedback portal located here.

As noted above, there is no mention of Roku. All things seem to be staying the same on that beta tester for the time being.

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