Central Park Jogger Case Coming to Netflix

Netflix has turned real-life crime into drama with its ever-popular Making a Murderer series. Once again, they are dipping into the true-crime waters. This time they are going the complete dramatization route by drudging up the 1989 headline-grabbing Central Park Jogger Case.

Much like the Making a Murderer case saw its share of twists and turns, so did the Central Park Jogger Case. In 1989, a woman was beaten and raped while jogging. Five black and Hispanic teenagers were charged with the crime. Years later, another man confessed to doing it. All five were released from jail and their sentences were expunged. The crew ended up suing New York City to the tune of $40 million.

As reported by the streaming giant, this series will jump right into things as the teenagers get questioned by the police. It will follow through until three years ago when the now-adults received their payout.

This new Netflix Original will be getting a five-episode treatment. Tapping Director Ava DuVernay (of Selma fame) to oversee the production, this will be the second time she has partnered with Netflix.

DuVernay has been linked to this five-episode series

DuVernay produced the documentary 13th for Netflix in the past. She also produces the show Queen Sugar on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. Harpo Films, the parent company of all things Oprah, will also have a production credit on this Netflix Original.

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