CBS Sheds Some Light on Recent Ad Cutting Trends

An anti-ad revolution is upon us. When people first started cutting the cord, the major reason cited was that people were tired of paying for high cable bills with a bunch of channel you don’t watch. However, now we are starting to see the next round of cable loyalists cutting the cord over too many ads.

CBS’ Chief Operating Officer, Joe Iannielo, spoke during an investor conference at Deutsche Bank about their CBS-All Access. During the investor conference, Iannielo stated that more than one quarter of their subscribers are choosing the ad-free tier. That means of the 2.5 million who pay for the CBS All-Access, around 625,000 subscribers are paying $4 more to go ad-free.

This might explain why both FOX and NBC are looking to cut their total ad times down. Ads are driving out the cord clingers.

CBS is the first big cable network to strike it big with their app. That is because they created a new series called Star Trek: Discovery. This show’s pilot episode aired live on CBS. In order to see the remaining episodes, you need to subscribe to their streaming service, CBS All-Access.

This trick worked as now over 5 million people stream CBS. 2.5 million of those people pay extra for the “All-Access” portion. CBS plans on doing this type of promo again when they reboot The Twilight Zone. 




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