Cable TV Subscribers Also Pay for Streaming Services

We guess people with cable television like to spend money. With prices for cable at an all-time, and rising, more people than ever are cutting the cord. However, services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu aren’t just making money off of people who tired of high cable bills.They are also making money off the people paying those exorbitant cable fees.

Tivo did some research and found that well over the majority of cable subscribers are also paying for access to a streaming service.

While, Netflix has been the number 1 streaming service among cord-cutters, it is also near-and-dear to cable TV subscribers. Tivo’s research confirmed that:

  • 79.4% of cable subscribers also have a Netflix subscription
  • 38.1% subscribe to Prime VIdeo
  • 28.8% subscribe to Hulu

So maybe Netflix is the replacement for cable TV? Even cable TV subscribers are on board, so it’s hard to argue otherwise.



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