Cable TV Price Hikes Are Coming Across the Board

The biggest reason people are cutting the cord in droves is that the costs of cable television are through the roof. Now, the roof is about to be completely blown off.

While ESPN is typically the culprit of what is driving up cable prices, it looks like another reason will cause this increase…and it’s pretty shocking. Local television channels are the cause. According to the American Cable Association, the average customer pays their cable provider $11 per month for local stations. By the year 2020, that price will increase to $19 per month.

Matthew M. Polka, President of the American Cable Association, wrote a prepared statement on this matter. He stated,


“Corporate broadcasters have become increasingly aggressive over the years in charging for retransmission consent, and it’s clear that they have no reservations taking escalating amounts of money from consumers to line their pockets.”

This is even more disheartening for cable loyalists as local news and sports is the number 1 reason why people hesitate to cut the cord. Polka further addressed this issue by offering,

“The corporate broadcasters are out of control. No other industry operates this way. No other sector would get away with such massive price increases in just three years. Why is this okay? Quite simply, it is not, and consumers should not have to pay the bill for something Washington should have changed years, if not decades, ago.”

Not a fan of this? There are a couple of things you can do about it. For one, you can get all of your local affiliates absolutely free with the use of an antenna. Secondly, many streaming services are getting into the live television business, providing their subscribers local affiliates for a cheaper rate than traditional cable. These services include:

  • fuboTV
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV


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