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Netflix is on its way to becoming a one-stop-shop for all of your television needs. They are now looking to bring news to their subscribers. Through an association with the popular news source, BuzzFeed, Netflix will begin airing what they call a “short-form Netflix Original Documentary series.” Each episode is expected to run about 15 minutes. 

Editor-in-Chief for BuzzFeed, Ben Smith, released a statement,

“We’re thrilled that Netflix saw the drama in the work of our journalism and the stories we tell.

Titled Follow This, the show is scheduled to start airing in July. As described by The Hollywood Reporter, 

The first episode of Follow This will follow reporter Scaachi Koul as she talks about her reporting on the world of autonomous sensory meridian response (better known as ASMR). Other BuzzFeed staffers who will be featured throughout the season include senior culture writer Bim Adewunmi, senior national correspondent John Stanton, reporter and podcast host Ahmed Ali Akbar, science reporter Azeen Ghorayshi, BuzzFeed India editor-in-chief Rega Jha and senior tech writer Charlie Warzel.

The topic of ASMR is nothing new for BuzzFeed. They have already covered this topic on a newscast that aired on Facebook Live. Breaching this topic isn’t catching the interest of everyone. Notably, some entertainment reviewers such as this tweet below:

Nevertheless, Netflix has been looking into getting into this type of content. They have been toying around with a weekly magazine show for a while. Plus, the streaming giant has discussed an idea along these lines with the Obamas. Not to mention, shows like David Letterman’s newest have borderline this concept as well.

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