Breaking: Sling TV Announces Long-Awaited Updates to Interface

Sling TV is finally addressing the biggest criticism that the Dish-owned streaming service has faced since its inception–their app design. The first step toward remedying this common customer complaint is by implementing a more traditional TV guide.

In an announcement released by the company earlier today, Sling TV alluded to this update as not being “revolutionary.” However, with an interface that frustrated and confused their customers, Sling TV’s Chief Product Officer, Ben Weinberge stated in the announcement, “To help you navigate all the great content we offer, today we’re announcing some new updates to the user interface for Android users, which will begin to roll out to users today. We will continue to roll updates to all Android users in the next several days, and will expand these UI updates to additional devices in the coming weeks.”

The original interface was sort of set up like an on-demand based product such as Netflix or Hulu, rather than a live television service. Sling TV’s customers voiced to the company that wanted to visualize what is on currently, which channel it is on, and what comes on after it. Going to the traditional TV guide route gives their base this request. They realized that customers want all the experience of being with a cable company while still keeping the cord cut.

Along with the traditional guide, other updates set to happen over the next few weeks include:

  • Featured Movies and Shows – This will be down to shine a light on Sling TV’s growing On-Demand library.
  • What’s Hot Now- This will work in a way that many smart apps do. It will aggregate based on the most popular events as well as your viewing habits
  • Shows Screen – This is strictly dedicated to television shows, sorting by genre.

Androids are first to get this new interface rollout, followed by others to determined at a later date.

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