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Well, DIRECTV NOW may no longer be looking for beta testers, but Roku needs your help. Sure, Roku users are the last to be invited to the DIRECTV NOW beta testing party, but Roku is inviting everyone to their next round of beta tests.

It’s spring cleaning season for the streaming service. Every year around this time, the #1 streaming device rolls out a set of updates with new features for both their stick and smart TVs. 

Roku is getting ready for this update by reaching out to beta tester developers. Here is the official e-mail the streaming service sent out:

Dear Developer:

Enrollment is now open for the Spring 2018 OS Beta Developer Program. To join the program and begin receiving pre-release versions of the Spring 2018 OS update, visit the Roku Testing Portal.

Developers who’ve participated in previous beta developer tests will automatically receive the Spring OS beta firmware on all Roku devices previously registered in the program. Review your registered Roku devices to manage which devices will receive the Spring OS beta firmware. 

The Spring 2018 OS includes many media updates to the firmware. Developers are encouraged to use the Beta Developer Program as an opportunity to test their media stacks on the upcoming firmware and report bugs to ensure their channels don’t experience production interruptions. For the full list of developer updates in the Spring 2018 OS, see our Beta Release Notes in the Roku Testing Portal.

We appreciate your participation. Happy testing!

Last year’s update saw improvements such as:

  • The 7.6 update
  • More Ways to Watch Feature
  • Quick Button Changes
  • Over-the-Air Improvements to Roku TV


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