Are You a Gamer That Loves Anime? Crunchyroll is Marrying the Genres

Anime continues to be a popular genre in American culture. So much so that Amazon recently released a couple of channels dedicated to anime. With that groundswell, research has found that 90% of anime watchers also identify themselves as gamers. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that anime companies should capitalize on these cross-pollination. That is exactly what Crunchyroll plans to do.

Crunchyroll is an app that carries dozens of Japanese anime series and streams them on a global platform.

The service contains both free and paid tiers. Now, it is taking its first foray into the gaming world.

The streaming service is taking one of its most popular shows, DanMachi (Translated in America as Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?). 

The inspiration of this came from Netflix, who released a mobile game based off Stranger Things that coincided with their widely successful second season, guaranteeing the hit show a third season.

Based off the premise of DanMachi, which is finding love in a dungeon, Crunchyroll is creating a 2D RPG named Memoria Freese. 

Teaming with the social media platform, Gree, this will be released internationally. Check out the trailer for Memoria Freese below:



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