Another Free Roku Stick Deal

As we noted a couple weeks ago, new subscribers to Sling TV were eligible to get a free 2017 Roku. Now, the same can be done for new DIRECTV NOW subscribers.

This deal is a double whammy for those looking to join DIRECTV NOW. First and foremost, new subscribers can get half off of their first month with the service. All they need to do is sign up with DIRECTV NOW. When they reach the checkout area, use the promo code:



However, you can opt out of this prize and get a free 2017 Roku instead. This can be done by prepaying for two months of the service instead of opting for half off a first month.

As outlined in the DIRECTV NOW help forums:


Effective October 20, 2017, new DIRECTV NOW customers are eligible to receive a free Roku Streaming Stick when they prepay 2 months of DIRECTV NOW service.

  • Roku Streaming Stick retail value is $49.99.

  • This offer is available for new accounts only.

  • One free device per DIRECTV NOW account.

  • Devices ship within 2-3 weeks of placing an order.

  • If the device is damaged during shipping, customers contact Group O at 866-212-0389.

  • The offer may be combined with the AT&T Unlimited Plus/Unlimited Choice $25 credit.

Which sounds like the better deal to you? The free Roku or half off of your first month of DIRECTV NOW? Let us know below!

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