AMC Clears the Air on Streaming Service

There is no denying that streaming services are all the rage right now for cable companies. Taking the content that you have created, securing the right for your company only, and then distributing it to loyal subscribers seem to be the only way cable networks could survive the dying medium that is pay cable.

One of the networks not jumping on this bandwagon? AMC.

AMC Networks’ Chief Financial Officer, Sean Sullivan, hushed any rumors. He insisted that the home of The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad had no intentions of bypassing the traditional means of distrbuting their content.

After all, pay-TV is what brought AMC to the dance. 

Sullivan spoke on the rumors,

“Am I going to offer an AMC linear viewing experience direct-to-consumer? That’s not something we’re looking to do. What we are trying to do is be responsive. We’re in an ecosystem where a significant portion of our economics comes from our distribution partners, so why not come up with a better consumer-viewing, ad-free option for their passionate viewers, and I think AMC Premier is a perfect vessel to do that.”

This model has made AMC one of the less-cord-cutter-friendly networks out there. Sullivan acknowledged that lack of coverage for AMC when it comes to live television streaming services.

The CFO continued,

 “Hopefully we’ll get more distribution coverage across the United States, but in terms of a direct-to-consumer over-the-top offering, that’s not something we’re comfortable with.”

Holding true to these words, AMC actually did announce their deal with fuboTV to allow access to their content. However, that is the only service right now to procure AMC content.

While AMC is not in the market for a standalone streaming service, these following companies are. Please click the link for the latest details:

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