Amazon Prime Ups Monthly Prices

Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber with a monthly plan? You may want to consider to switching to their yearly option, because monthly members are looking at a price hike.

Starting now toward the next billing cycle, all monthly memberships will jump from $10.99 per month to $12.99 per month. This adds up to a whopping $155.88 per year. That’s lubricious considering a year subscription with Amazon Prime costs just $99 for the year. That adds up to a savings of $56.88.

Prime memberships come with many perks that include:

  • Amazon Prime Video which includes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and NFL Thursday Night Football
  • Free 2 day shipping on order sold by AMazon
  • Access to free books, as well as earlier access to new releases
  • Exclusive access to Prime Music
  • Other deals that non-Prime members are not privy to

If you are interested in signing up for Amazon Prime or would like to change to a your subscription to a one-year Amazon Prime subscription, click on the link provided.



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