Amazon Prime Adding 6 Popular Classic Shows

As we have been following, Hulu has been steadily adding more and more classic content to their On Demand bucket in hopes to lure in more subscribers and remain competitive with Netflix. As recent as last week, the streaming giant announced their plans to add 800 episodes of the acclaimed Friday 90’s lineup, TGIF.

Upon this news, Amazon Prime Video struck back and made an announcement of their own. The Seattle-based retailer/streaming service has brokered a new deal with the production company, FilmRise. This new initiative will see 6 classic television show becoming available to Amazon Prime members starting this month.

The 6 shows set to debut on Amazon Prime this month includes:

  • 3rd Rock From the Sun (6 Seasons)
  • A Different World (6 Seasons)
  • Cybill (4 Seasons)
  • Grace Under Fire (5 Seasons)
  • Grounded for Life (5 Seasons)
  • Roseanne (9 Seasons)


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