Amazon Picks Up Script About Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp

American presidents are no stranger to controversy. Ask Donald Trump. Or better yet, ask a former President such as Bill Clinton. After all, as cable was flourishing and the internet was in its infancy, Bill Clinton’s impeachment was a scandal as hot as the OJ Simpson trial. And two people who were at the center of that scandal? Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky.

In the 1990’s, ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky infamously had an affair with the 42nd President. Monica shared the lurid details of this romance with her friend and White House civil servant, Linda Tripp. Unbeknownst to Ms. Lewinsky, the phone conversations were secretly recorded. The rest is history.

Amazon video just purchased the rights to a script documenting the historic friendship between Ms. Lewinsky and Ms. Tripp. Entitled Linda and Monica, the script is written by Flint Wainess. The film is set to be produced by Steve Tisch, Jason Blumenthal, and Todd Black. This crew also produced the Academy Award-winning film, Fences.

Production has yet to begin. With her blue dress making headlines through the 90’s, the ex-White House intern tried to disappear from the limelight. After two decades of solitude, Monica re-emerged in 2014 when she penned an article for Vanity Fair called, “Shame and Survival.” In this soul-bearing article, Monica documented how the affair and the incessantly bullying that stemmed from it negatively impacted her life. It will be interesting to see how Ms. Lewinsky responds to this production.


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