Amazon Growing Market in India

Prime Video is going global. While they have already set up shop in India over a year ago the delivery-service-turned-streaming-giant is still looking to spread its wings in the country.

Since they launched in India last year, the country has seen the biggest spike in Prime subscribers than anyone else in the world. This success is attributed to original content and Bollywood-based movies that the video service has procured. 

However, now Prime Video is growing its catalog to cover southern India. They have started to purchase and sign off the production of southern Indian language content such as Tamil and Telugu.

Asia-Pacific Content Head at Prime Video, James Farrell, said,

“We want to figure out how do we do more in the South. We haven’t announced any originals yet from the South but we are looking to do as much as can be done.”

Costing 999 rupees (equivalent to approximately $15) annually, Amazon Prime online retail is already up in South India, but now the entertainment side is expected to boom. Current projections have growth in India jumping from $22.7 billion in profits in 2017 to $31 billion by 2020.

Much of this is credited to the cheap cost of data in India. Having such a low price tag on streaming has caused many more entertainment shows to be watched in the country.


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