Amazon Expanding A La Carte Menu

One of the growing demands of cord-cutters all over is the ability to customize their viewing experience. One of the main reasons people cut the cord is to get away from paying for channels and services they don’t watch or use. Luckily, Amazon is making their viewer’s unique tastes the priority.Amazon Prime Instant Video has a growing list of Channels available for those who want to pick and choose what they are watching. What makes it even better than buying an app here and an app there is that these purchases are all under one umbrella. Now those who only want to watch one or two cable favorites like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The History Channel: Vault, and PBS can do so.

With the growing success of Amazon Channels, Amazon has started to roll out even more niche broadcasting options. The following unique channels have recently become available to purchase for Amazon Prime Video subscribers:

  • FilmBox Live – Online TV content, documentaries, sports, film, and much more
  • Indie ClubAn eclectic mix of star-powered independent films
  • IndieFlix Shorts – Short films from 50+ countries and 1,2000+ film festivals
  • Magnolia Selects – Standout performances in indie films, plus action, horror, comedy, and more
  • PantayaSpanish-language hit movies from many genres, countries, and eras
  • TLC Say Yes Weddings – Unlimited access to TLC’s iconic wedding shows 
  • Toku – Live-action titles, eye-catching anime, and your favorite cult classics
  • Vemox CineCollection of films and series from Latin America
  • Viewster Anime – New hit series and throwback classics that unlock the magic of anime

A lot of these channels are generally unheard of. However, if they pique your interest, they may be the key to creating a cheap viewing package. Most of these channels range from $2 to $3 per month, peaking at $5.

What are your experiences on creating a la carte packages? Tell us below!

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