3 Original Movies Confirmed for New Disney Service

Disney is looking to make a big splash in the world of streaming. The House of the Mouse announced that in the upcoming calendar year, they plan to launch a streaming service. Little details were known, however it was confirmed that the production company would be producing content that is exclusive to this project. While many anticipated Marvel and Star Wars to get their own spin-offs, those aren’t the first three movies ready to start production.

Here is what Disney has planned:

  • Noelle – Playing off the popular Santa Clause franchise, Anna Kendrick will star with Shirley MacLaine also tapped for the project.
  • Magic Camp – Starring Adam Devine, a banker returns to his childhood magic camp to be a counselor.
  • Lady and the Tramp – A live action remake of the classic tale starring Charlie Bean.

As more movies and series get confirmed, we will keep you updated.

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