Tennis Channel Partners With Verizon

The Tennis Channel is going handheld. Verizon Digital Media Services has picked up the tab on Sinclair Network’s The Tennis Channel.The mass media company is going to use their data services to deliver strong video streams to the Tennis Channel’s authenticated app.

Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Business Development at Tennis Channel, Adam Ware, spoke about this partnership in a statement,

“As we grow Tennis Channel’s app, Verizon Digital Media Services lets us deliver the exceptional streaming experiences our users have come to expect. They’ve been flexible enough to integrate with our existing systems, with a 24-hour support team and Live Event Operations managed service that have helped us scale significantly.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the Tennis Channel launching a new app.Features of this app included:

  • Live access to the Tennis Channel for pay TV subscribers
  • Live access to Tennis Channel Plus subscribers
  • A free channel called “The T”
  • Additional content for $11.99 per month


Verizon is using their Uplynk Video Streaming Service and integrating it with Tennis Channel’s scheduling. That way all game highlights can seamlessly be transferred to a VOD bucket.

In a statement, the Chief Revenue Officer of Verizon Digital Media Services, Chris Carey stated,

“Tennis Channel is the only 24-hour multimedia destination dedicated to the professional sport and lifestyle of tennis. Our experience and capabilities in managing and delivering a high-quality, TV-like experience for OTT sporting events is unparalleled, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to power Tennis Channel.”

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