More Details on Discovery Streaming Service

For over a year now, Discovery has been planning its future exit strategy from the failing cable business. When subscribers started leaving their expensive cable contracts, Discovery was the first to speak out about a no-sports bundle.

When that fell on deaf ears, Discovery announced their next intention–to start a streaming service. The mass communications company first tested these waters in Germany, teaming with local companies to create a service showcasing some Discovery content.

Following that, Discovery joined other disgruntled networks to join the streaming service, Philo.

Since then, Discovery has also purchased Scripps Network, the home of channels such as HGTV.

These are all networks that were also in the Philo subscription.

Now Discovery is shedding some light on future plans for their streaming service. CEO of Discovery Communications, David Zaslav, stated that once the Scripps deal is finalized, the streaming service planning will kick into gear. One thing that they have already discussed? Price point.

Mr. Zaslay said,

“We will be looking hard at that both domestically and internationally,” said Zaslav. “We could create a pretty compelling offering for $6, $7 or $8 that would look a lot different than Amazon Prime and Netflix, and it could be very attractive in every language globally. So we’ll keep our eye on that.”



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