Big Sale on Mohu Antennas

Antennas are a useful cord-cutting tool for those who want basic television networks with a few extra channels. It’s a one-time investment that gives you free live TV instead of a monthly payment for a cord-cutting service such as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, or DIRECTV NOW.

If you are considering buying an antenna, or one with a larger range, now might be the time. Currently, top antenna brand, Mohu, is having a big sale on their products.

You can currently get the Mohu Sky 60 outdoor antenna for only $112 on Amazon.

Not only is this a big markdown from the $149.99 that these antennas usually are, but it is also a price drop from just yesterday when the sale started and Mohu listed the product at $118!

Here is the official Product Description for the Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor Antenna:

  • Free TV for life: Now tested to reach up to 75 miles, Sky can access HD over-the-air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and Univision
  • Crystal-clear TV for free: CleanPeak Filter technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in low noise, a clearer picture, and access to more free HDTV channels in 1080 HD
  • A completely new take on the roof-top/attic-mounted HDTV antenna: includes 30-foot high performance cable and comes with dual powering options—USB or power cube
  • NOTE: Enables access to free channels only. Does not enable access to paid channels such as ESPN/Fox News; 100% free TV in HD—networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, and Univision
  • Channel reception varies based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers

Mohu is also running a sale on lower tiered antennas. The Leaf Chroma Designer drops from $69.99 to $49.99. The Leaf 50 Indoor Antenna is also now $49.99, while the Leaf 30 Indoor Antenna is running at $29.99.


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