FOX Blacks Out Big Ten Games on Sling TV

In what has become commonplace in cable is now crossing over into the world of cord-cutting. Networks requesting more money for their content has driven up cable costs to astronomical heights. This has led to people cutting the cord. However, it’s slowly starting to happen to the cord-cutters.

As college football season kicked off last week, Sling TV subscribers were blacked out from Big  Ten games that aired on FS1. Every other streaming service aired the games without a hiccup. Not so coincidentally, this college football season is also the first year that FOX has the rights to run Big Ten home games on both FOX as well as FS1.

Allegedly FOX is charging an extra fee to all streaming services for Big Ten games to air. Sling TV did not oblige. The streaming service released a statement to Cord Cutter News about the issue,

“Our customers paid for these Big 10 games when they were part of ESPN’s lineup. Since then, the Big 10 has sold some of its programming rights to Fox who is now demanding our customers pay for the games again. Our customers should not be required to double-pay for programing. It’s these types of actions from Fox and the Big 10 that needlessly drive up the price of TV. We continue to work with both groups to allow us to broadcast these games.” 

This is an ongoing situation, but in the meantime be aware that Pac-12 games are not effected. Big Ten games are the only ones that will be blacked out on FS1 when streaming through Sling TV.

Were you effected by the blackout? How did you watch the game instead? Let us know below.



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