Sling TV’s Gamefinder is a Game Changer

As we have noted time and again here, sports have become something of a priority for all streaming services. Whether it be creating new sports bundles or signing on more local affiliates, everyone in the streaming game has upped their sports offerings.

Now with the NFL preseason underway, Sling TV is working out the kinks to make this football season the smoothest transition for cord-cutters. The streaming service recently employed a new feature called, “Gamefinder.”

Sling TV employee, Ankit Bishnoi, broke down what this new feature entails,


“Our new Gamefinder feature on makes it easy to find out what channel each game is on, and how you can watch on Sling TV.” 

As you can see above, this feature not only covers professional football, but college as well.

If you are looking to find out which channel your game is on, go to and search for the name, city, or state of your favorite team. From there, the channel, date, and time will all be provided.

To better filter your results, Sling TV will ask you to provide your zip code.

Sling TV also announced that they will be allowing free access to the Pac-12 Network between the dates of August 26th to September 17th. This promotion is available solely to Orange and Blue customers.


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